Our Brand Guide.

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Full colour Crosslink Logo.

Crosslink Ethos.

Crosslink promise to love the community, and provide a reliable and cost effective public transport system. Our transport system will always provide the highest quality on comfort. When travelling is a daily activity for most people, we want to provide a great fun and satisfying travelling deals.

safety. strength. power. trust.

Welcome to our branding site, we have created a strong and unique brand to help our network stand out over others in the local area. Our choice of bright and contrasting colours help to make a powerful and bold statement. The mixture of two different typefaces help to add to the contrast of the brand.

main brand colours.

Teal colour block





79, 17, 51, 2


30, 152, 138

Green colour block





23, 4, 78, 0


213, 215, 85

other brand colours.

Black colour block


Pantone: 5c

CMYK: 57, 70, 53, 67

RGB: 63, 45, 47

White colour block


Pantone: n/a

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

RGB: 255, 255, 255

Dark Blue colour block

Dark Blue

Pantone: 3035c

CMYK: 100, 61, 45, 42

RGB: 0, 62, 82

Dark Blue

Pantone: 3035c

CMYK: 100, 61, 45, 42

RGB: 0, 62, 82

Yellow colour block


Pantone: 107c

CMYK: 3, 8, 89, 0

RGB: 255, 224, 0

Orange colour block


Pantone: 158c

CMYK: 0, 64, 91, 0

RGB: 239, 118, 34

Arvo regular

Arvo Regular is our headline typeface, it should be used for headings as seen on our website and throughout our artwork. The typeface should always ben used in capitals to add to readability.This typeface is bold and helps the brand stand out.

Cabin Regular

To the left is the main body typeface, which has high legibility, making all our copy easy to read. This typeface should never be put in a point size smaller than 9.5pt, as anything below this size will mean the typeface is unreadable.

Cabin Bold

To the left is the bolder, thicker weight to our main body typeface. This should be used for heading titles when Arvo has already been used. We mainly use this typeface in capitals for headings with added tracking to help it to stand out.

Our Network Map

business cards.

The Front of our Business Card The Back of our Business Card


The Front of our Rail Ticket The back of our rail ticket


Our letterhead


Our Train Graphic


Our Clothing.